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I hate rules. They're for other people. However, we have to have some rules to govern our mutual conduct. Don't we?

TWO RULES as of now:

No ad hominem
No selling

No ad hominem simply means no matter how badly the person you want to say bad things about truly deserves to hear it - do NOT say it to them in this venue. We are ladies and gentlemen, here. And that will not be tolerated. On the other hand, should what they have to say be truly worthy of ARA dealing with that member, please forward to I will review the thread and determine/judge the matter. Once warned is sufficient. Should the same member be brought to my attention again, they simply are removed as a member; something I really, really do not want to do.

No Selling means just that. "Hey, have I got a deal for you!" - "This is an awesome matrix." - Now, there is nothing wrong with you directing someone to an Inclusive Domain to ARA and sell product or services from there, but you may not market from this venue. Remember when I spoke about the fellow who thought I was charging for use? When I get around to developing a commercial application, and I will, there you will be able to post things for sale, but not here. Again, once warned is sufficient. Should the same member be brought to my attention again, they simply are removed as a member; something I really, really do not want to do.

Just as a 'heads up' there is a Calendar Tab included with Statewide Communications. We'll talk about that later. But, to give you an idea of what it will do, when you click on the Calendar Tab AT Statewide Communications - not the Calendar Tab found at the home page of the Inclusive Domain you are a member - that is for something else - you will be able to review local events in your community that will be posted by your county coordinator! Think of this.... You are visiting a state for a holiday and you want to know what is going on while you are there. You click on the county in the group you are a member and learn of a speaker who is holding a seminar there that you have always wanted to hear. Or you go to the General Calendar and see from all the other Inclusive Domains who they have coming to town during that time period. Hey, look! Carmen is doing a concert in Orlando! You may have otherwise never known these things.


in addition to Statewide Communications

There are two important tools built and found under Americans Restoring America that are unique and will substantially empower you. One is Freedom's Radio and the other is From The Consent Of The Governed. [ and]

Freedom's Radio is possibly one of the most powerful communications tools I know of and one certainly on par with satellite television. Freedom's Radio, with the current hardware possessed, will handle up to 1,000 telephone callers and up to 100,000 internet listeners. Both the telephone callers by their voice and the internet listeners by their writing are able to communicate directly with the Speaker to that call! The is awesome! Additional hardware and broadband width literally breaks any barriers for greater numbers to be served.

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