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Welcome to Americans Restoring America!

This Americans Restoring America website serves two purposes: The first is to show an owner of a website the look and feel of how Grassfire "Targeted Communications" would appear on their website, implemented as a Grassfire TAB placed in their common header. Everything within the yellow border around the Grassfire Country Map on the Home Page is what would be seen on a private website.

The second purpose is for all of America to join us right here for the purpose of communicating at the Topic, State, Country, and City levels (soon to include filtering by Zip Code, Precinct, or Radial Proximity) for whatever lawful purpose you may have. You will find like-minded people here. Using Grassfire "Targeted Communications," you can focus on your strategy and, then, bring the political weight of your body politic to whatever venue desired.

For a detailed look at what Americans Restoring America can do for you or your organization, check out our Services Page.

Try Out "Grassfire Targeted Communications" For Yourself!

Hover over the Grassfire Country Map to see the number of members in each state or click on any state to access its messages by state, county, or city. Click on any State to access the Grassfire State Map where you can use Target Filtering to narrow your scope.

You can view any Post, Chat, or Event in the database without signing in but, if you want to participate, please go to the Sign Up Page to Sign In (or Register for a free account).

Handy instructions are available by clicking on the "?" symbol in the upper-right corner of all Grassfire Communications Maps. Please Click Here for an in-depth explanation and complete operating instructions. You can also use the left-side Navigation Panel to access any of the "Member Websites."

You can also take an entertaining little detour with David MacGregor by joining us at Galt's Gulch. Nothing to fear ... it's just a quick "retreat for the rational!"