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How it Works - page 2

The Nuts and Bolts of It

You become a member one of two ways; either you went directly to a Domain inclusive to ARA or you went to ARA directly and registered.

If you registered to a Domain inclusive to ARA you are ready to immediately communicate with those members who also have registered there once you have completed the registration process.

If you registered at ARA and you have done nothing else, you are a member of ARA declaring your support for America and your desire for her to return to The Vision of our Founding Fathers and that is about it. There is no one you may communicate with yet nor may I communicate with you. Why? Because you still must go into Members Area and continue with selections to complete the registration process.

This is Really, Really Important!

OK - when you have logged into ARA you are immediately taken to the Members Area. You will see three tabs in front of you with the first opened to My Profile. Here you will see the Name, Address, City, State and Zip fields plus you eMail address. If you need to make any corrections to that information, now is the time to do that. For myself, I have my first name as "M" and my last name as "E". I put my Address as "123 Main Street". However, I did put the correct City, State, ZIP and eMail.

You also have two remaining tabs; Preferences and Change Password. Change Password is kind of a no-brainer, so I'll skip that. The Preferences Tab, however, is the key to you receiving only the mail you want to receive. Think of it as a SPAM filter.

Now, please click on this tab.

Your first effort is to allow me to send you eMails through this medium; Statewide Communications and to allow others to send you eMails through this medium. I know, I know, why would you have to answer that question when you joined ARA in the first place in order to communicate with others? Simple; I want your permission twice.

The next item for you to attend to is to read Note: and what follows.

OK - now, please read it again.

Thank you.

Please see the Note: at the bottom of the page and the box immediately above it. This is where you Cancel your Membership. We hope you never get to a point where you will want to do this. PLEASE, if you get to this point afford me the courtesy of advising me of your dissatisfaction and what I may do to amend and correct that dissatisfaction. I just had one fellow ream me out because he was told this was a free web site and he read "Statewide Communications is a fee-based service for commercial and social network sites. Membership is $25.00 a year. Unlimited Use Fee is $10.00 a month. You, the independent host for Statewide Communications receives a portion of these proceeds to support your work." I made BOLD the caveat. You are not participating in a commercial activity so there are no fees to you for the use of this service. My Heart is to Restore Our Nation Back to Her Original Intent.

You will see on the Home Page of ARA a tab: Angles. These are people who join with you and me - financially able and willing sincere people - to bring about what you now have available to you. The only caveat to this Use Agreement between you and me is that I may send you monthly a Newsletter. In that newsletter I will be asking for free-will contributions and making you aware of Products and Services I offer. Should you have the charity and the ability to make a contribution I will be most appreciative. If you should have the charity but not the ability to make a contribution your service is no way affected. I am sincere when I said what is on my heart. My Angels have long since exhausted either their lives or their fortunes and are no longer able to finance this effort. They still hold dear to their Sacred Honor. So, please be as generous as you are able when my monthly newsletter comes around. At any time, if you feel the unction, please visit the gold rotating coin found on most home pages under ARA. I am so limited by the lack of finances to do all that could be accomplished through the efforts of Americans Restoring America. Were I to have the funds to blanket our nation with TV and have access to, say, Chuck Norris, Charlie Daniels and others who speak so fervently for our cause, we could have our nation back on course within just 3 to 5 years. I kid you not!

One more revenue generator for ARA and YOU to come.....

You will see a BLOG tab at each of the Inclusive Domains under ARA. You have all the necessary tools to communicate with each other - free of charge - by using Statewide Communications at each Inclusive Domain. On the other hand, BLOGging is BIG - fun for most - and you have the choice as to whether you would like to BLOG or not. When this Service becomes available you will be notified. Then, you may choose to BLOG or NOT to BLOG - that is the question.

Well, enough of me trying to get into your wallet or purse......

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