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Communicating with Others

If you are an ARA member only and have not elected to join any particular group and you have checked the boxes aforementioned under The Nuts and Bolts of It then you will occasionally receive eMails only from me. I did create a General Population, which is found at the Grouping called Statewide Communications and Targeted Marketing, but I have made that available only to those who are the leadership in the Inclusive Domains and to that yet to be nominated County Coordinator. Otherwise, with any kind of population, you would be overwhelmed with mail. I may, on second thought, create a General County Communication for the members. I would, however, forewarn them of the potential for a tremendous number of eMails. That is not available now, but will be.

Presuming the bulk of Membership is attached to an Inclusive Domain under ARA, you have within that Inclusive Domain the ability to communicate with other members of that particular group.

Once you are at that Inclusive Domain you chose to become a member, and you want to reach out to others in that Inclusive Domain, first place your cursor on the state you wish to communicate. An internal pop-up will show you the number of people in that state you will or could be communicating. Then, click on the state. Now, you will see a drop-down menu of the counties within that state. If you select NO county then your eBlast will go to everyone in the state. On the other hand you may select up to five counties, presumably your county and the surrounding four counties around you. You select the county or counties you wish to eBlast simply by checking the box to the left of that county. As you build your target venue list that county will be posted at the top of the list. Once you are satisfied with where you are sending your eBlast, now select 'Compose eMail" found at the centered-right side of the screen. With some Inclusive Domains they will have multiple topics available for discussion and you must first select the Topic, which is titled Group Subject from the drop-down menu. Then, you must create a title for you eBlast in the "My Subject" field. These two selections have made for a unique thread that will run into eternity. So long as someone replies to it, it will exist. Then, you create your eMail - this should be intuitive to you as it follows the standard set by other eMail reading programs. Once you are satisfied with your communication simply hit the "Send eMail" tab. That's it!

Now, for some thinking on your part.

You have decided where you are sending your eBlast and on what Subject this eMail falls under.

If none of the members in this grouping you have created have bothered to complete their Membership Process as described under This is Really, Really Important! in this letter to you, then no one is going to get your eBlast!

On the other hand, if everyone followed these simple, I think they're simple, instructions, then everyone who wanted to discuss this Subject in that venue you created, will receive your communication. It's this simple. You get what you ask for and you don't get what you don't ask for; those violating the Rules of Conduct excepted and only momentarily.

Can you see now how Statewide Communications can bring together, just within your Inclusive Domain, a great number of The People - at the county level - to bring to bear their Political Body WEIGHT to an issue before that county counsel? These people are your neighbors - These people are within your physical reach - These people, now, truly may respect you, finally. Soon, we will add to the aforementioned drop-down county menu list the ability to click on a county to continue with a city drop-down menu list to further define just who you want to send an eBlast. Later, but not much later, we will add state representative districts and vote polling places to the list as well. When these are added you will need to revisit your Members Area and update those new fields you will find there. Please see the Blue navigational Tab: Political Leadership Wanted found on the home page of ARA for your opportunity to run for office WITHOUT the need to belong to a political party or the huge treasury to run. Yes, we've tried to think of everything!

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